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Empowering women to confidently and authentically share their story, message or experiences to impact others. 

I'm Suzanne Peters

Motivational Speaker, Author and Empowerment Coach. Founder of Woman To Woman International Network and creator or Woman To Woman App


I empower women to find their voice and confidently share their message, story or cause. As well as provide the perfect platform to share it with the world.


I believe we all have a unique purpose to serve and impact the lives of others. You matter and so do your stories. Whether for your own personal goal, to start a movement or for business, let's work together to bring your vision to life.

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Built on the foundation of women sharing to empower others. A membership community for women.   


Here, we address the fears and doubts that are unique to women, when it comes to sharing their voices and being vulnerable, creating a safe space for women to be themselves and more.


Together we will step into our power place, embrace our past and our pain as we use it to create an impact in the world. Read more here.

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