Changes The Can Help You Become A Happier Person

Life has a way of knocking us down from time to time. It’s easy to accept defeat and simply go through the motions in life. Like me a long time ago, you may come to the conclusion that you are no longer happy with this, but you’re not sure how to change it. Here are a few ideas that can help you become a happier person:


Make some popcorn, put on a good comedy and allow yourself to enjoy the laugh. Or spend your time with people who can make you laugh. Laughter just has a way of bringing out the happy in people.

Have Sex

Yes you read right. Have sex. I’m a woman who happens to like sex and yes it makes me a happier and is a good way to reduce your stress level. Don’t judge me, I’m just keeping it real.

Get a good night sleep

If you’re anything like me, sleep is the next best thing to sex. Yes sleep makes me feel very happy. Not to mention that fact that rejuvenates you.

Dress Yourself Up

Look good, feel good is what I always say. Sometimes just dressing yourself up a bit can change your mood completely. You don’t need someone else to dress up for, or need somewhere to go. Simply dress up to make yourself smile.

Take Yourself Out

Since you’re already dressed up anyway, you might as well take yourself out. I usually take myself to the movies. I’ve been doing this for years single or not. Where do you like to go? Perhaps for dinner or simply ice cream. No matter what your preference, I’m sure it will do the trick.


Getting a massage is an effective way to get out of the routine and take the time to relax. No worries or pending are allowed to roll in your head while getting the benefits of a massage.

Work Out

You will release all the energy that has been kept in silence. There is actually a great chemical reaction which is the release of endorphins. Endorphins help you get rid of stress and you feel great after a good sweat.


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