Vision For Today

Are you as excited about this year as I am? 2020 has so many components to it. Vision, Hope, Life, Newness, Change… I can go on and on.

I love strategies for vision casting and planning my month, and year. Matter of fact, I came across a very old calendar from years ago of how each day was going to move.

5:00- wakeup, morning glory

7:00- Business

8:00-12:00- Homeschool/ or at least my version of it

Evening: Gym Time, Cook, Business Meetings, etc..

I remembered that time. I was a new mom who was passionate about raising her daughter and making sure I could do everything I could for her and myself in the process while caring for the needs of the home and as a wife. It was a beautiful time of both joy and heartache. I also experienced loss. Loss of a great job, loss of a family members, loss of income. So much.

The only thing I knew at that time was that my daughter needed me more than anyone. She needed my love, support, guidance, encouragement, focus, and time. And I gave it to her as best as I could while trying to take care of me in the process.

I used whatever resources and connections were available for us at the time. Looking back, it happened so fast. But it wouldn’t have happened without a plan.

Do you have to plan to get you from here to there?

I posted in the Woman To Woman FB group a question- What are you letting go of and what are carrying with you into 2020?

I lost a lot of things in my big transition. But what I’m carrying into this new decade is a better mindset, goals, a shift in my attitude, faith for the unexpected, grace for the things I can’t control or change, and wisdom for the times I need it most. I refuse to enter into a new decade emptyhanded. And so should you.

Whatever your goals are, wherever you are finding yourself, if you’re ready to move forward with focus.. Get Your Plan Together.

Here are three things you can do to Plan Forward:

Set Aside Time To Plan

Grow Yourself In The Goals You Want To Achieve

Decide If It’s Worth It, and if it is… Do Something (At The Very Least) Once A Week That Focuses On That Goal and Plan

Woman, You Got This!!!!


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